ETTP (European Truck Trailer Parts bvba)

Leading supplier of spare parts for trucks & trailers

We started out as a national company established in 1986 ( under the name “AIP” ). The main activity of “AIP” were local sales. In 2006 the company re-organized into ETTP.

Our name, ETTP, stands for European Truck & Trailer Parts and (almost) says it all: we focus completely on the sale of high-quality spare parts for trucks and trailers and are currently active in 71 countries.

ETTP has emerged as one of the most reliable sources for truck and trailer spare parts in Europe. ETTP has built up a presence in 71 countries - including in Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Republics, Africa, the Middle & Far East and South East Asia. We owe our success to the strong, high-quality brands we distribute. “We import both original spare parts, products from OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and high-quality articles from e.g. DAF, es, Renault, Volvo, BPW, SAF, ROR, SMB and Fruehauf. Other leading brands in our range include Knorr, Sachs, Valeo, SAF, Waboc, Meritor, Monroe, Haldex and many others. From front bumpers and rear lights to air buffers and clutches: we supply it all.”

At ETTP we like to keep a low profile. We believe actions speak louder than words. We’d rather invest our time in servicing our customers than spend it on the sort of targeted marketing campaigns our competitors do. “Moreover, we try to protect our customers as much as possible. We supply to a maximum of two partners in each country where we are active. That way, our partners are able to work the local market well and act as distributors for transport companies, garages and other possible end users. This results in a clear win-win for all: our customers are ensured of exclusivity and a major market potential, which, in turn, ensures us of a substantially large number of orders. This approach also means that we do not need a widespread commercial structure. It also gives us the opportunity to optimise our communication with our customers, through personal contacts.”

In late 2011 ETTP marks a major event in its history , as we moved from Gullegem into a modern newly-built site in Roeselare. “This expansion was necessary, as the warehouse at our previous site was becoming too small. The new storage facility has a capacity of 51,000 m³, so we will be even better equipped to meet the just-in-time-delivery requirements that are so important to our customers.

“ By ensuring timely deliveries to all our customers , we have been able to gain the trust and loyalty of our clients, quality service , genuine spare parts and timely deliveries have been the hallmarks of our success .”

We hope to become your partner in the nearest future .

ETTP - European Truck Trailer Parts bvba